About our company

SP STOYAN DELIYSKI was founded in 1992 in the town of Tryavna, Gabrovo region. The main activity of the company is logging and wood processing, production of timber for the construction and furniture industry. Since 2018 the company has also started production of wood pellets. We have our own base in the town of Plachkovtsi, located in close proximity to the main forests from which the wood is extracted. The company is a distributor of forestry, park and garden equipment brands HUSQVARNA, SHTIL, GARDENA, SOLO and others.

For the years that SP STOYAN DELIYSKI has been on the market, the company has established itself as an extremely loyal producer and trader, offering high quality timber, wood pellets and firewood.

Make your home healthy, warm and cosy with our products, without compromising on quality and live long in harmony with nature.